19th Century Burmese Carved Hardwood Dinner Gong

An exquisite intricately carved hardwood dinner gong. Beautifully carved with floral decoration flanked by two entwined mythological serpents with clawed feet. Central circular brass dinner gong with flower decoration. To the center of the stand is a King George III halfpenny or penny coin dated 1807. Perhaps this was applied when the item was originally purchased by the owner on their travels. The piece has a great colour and patina and I would say is at least early 1800s maybe even late 18th century. Good condition for age has several chips to some of the flower tips and shrinkage cracks, but the frame is still strong and sturdy. Being highly decorative it would make a beautiful feature in any contemporary or traditional setting.


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64 cm H x 80 cm W x 15 cm D

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