A beautiful and evocative painting by English artist Alan Rankle. An imposing oil on canvas, measuring over 6ft x 5ft. From the artists Pastoral Collateral exhibition held at the Art Bermondsey Project Space in London, England 2016. Judy Parkinson wrote: In Untitled Painting XII (Herne) Rankle continues the theme from his 2009 exhibition at Hans Alf Gallery, Copenhagen Running from the House and develops the idea of Nature being ‘on the run’, a theme occurring in earlier works such as the Journey of the City to the Sea series of 1998. In her catalogue essay Sarah Lloyd quotesRankle discussing the painting, an image of a fleeing stag which he based on an unknown 19th Century artist’s work in the Musee de la Chasse et de la Nature in Paris: ‘You see a stag in the forest and in an instant it’s gone, like a phantom. My paintings are also about how images combine in the mind. I might be staring at the sea, but thinking about my mother. The physicality of paint embodies these ideas, painting can become an emblem of thought and memory as figurative elements disappear and reappear until they hold meaning. It’s one thing if the stag is running from a hunter, or a forest-fire or a loud noise, but now when nature itself is on the run, this is fear of another order, the stag is running, but the air and trees and snow are also running.’ In this work the stag itself is painted like a reverent historical study, before exploitation, as default, became the norm. Look again and Rankle has found the idea of this image on the canvases of history and he has supplanted it down in the woods, terrified, amid a flurry of abstracted water… blood… haze… pollution…confusion… collateral… His work was recently included in the well-received ‘Capture The Castle’ exhibition at the Southampton City Art Gallery which was the first ever large-scale art exhibition on the subject of British castles. Showcasing the finest historic and contemporary castle artists and combining history with art. It included famous and rarely seen works from public and private collections, including loans from Tate, The British Museum, the V&A, the Government Art Collection and from the collections of major artists, including works by none other than William Turner. We are also selling one of his illustrated works from this exhibition “Bodiam Castle”. Please see our other listings. Highly collectible Alan Rankle (born 1952 in Oldham, England) is a British artist and is part of the duo Rankle & Reynolds. He studied at Rochdale School of Art and Goldsmiths’ College, University London. During a highly accomplished thirty-year career he has worked primarily as a painter where he continues his preoccupation with revitalizing the tradition of landscape art with the exploration of social and environmental issues of the day. His first exhibition, held at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, was a multi-media performance/installation based on Chaucer’s The Pardonner’s Tale (1973). Rankle takes as his main subject the development of landscape art as a concept related to changes in attitude to the environment. In some works he treats the entire history of landscape painting almost as a found object; manipulating and cross-referencing styles and techniques from diverse periods and cultures, within a post-modernist fusion of abstract, trompe l’oeil and figurative imagery. In “Landscapes for the North” Maidstone Museum 1996 he states: “Styles are emblems of the ways we can shift our attention”. Examples of his paintings are in the collections of several Lancashire museums and Hastings Museum and Art Gallery. Dimensions: H 160 cm x W 190 cm x D 10 cm