Although made in times of severe austerity this piece has beautifully subtle and simple lines. The lift and slide front is a clever and functional design. Enclosed is a set of pigeon holes for your paperwork etc. Below is the desk space above a set of two drawers. The whole standing on nicely tapered legs. The piece has been cleaned, waxed and polished. When the Luftwaffe’s Blitz on Britain began in September 1940, people’s homes and their contents were destroyed at an alarming rate. Thanks to the bombing, furniture shortages in Britain hit an all-time high by 1942. The government responded with a range of affordable furniture. The Utility Furniture Scheme. The CC41 Utility logo was a British Board of Trade requirement that appeared on footwear, utility furniture, textiles, and utility clothing for just over ten years from 1941. The Utility Furniture Advisory Committee was set up in 1942, drawing on considerable expertise, principally the renowned designer Gordon Russell. The CC41 logo was designed by Reginald Shipp and became affectionately known in England as the “Two Cheeses“. Reginald Shipp worked as a commercial artist for an old-established firm, Hargreaves, near Oxford Street in London. Dimensions: H 100 cm x W 93 cm x D 57 cm


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