A Ladies Pine Orkney Chair Of Small Proportions Circa 1920

A delightful and well made Orkney Chair. In good condition and although of smaller proportions it’s large enough for the smaller size adult to sit in snuggly! I’m 15 stone and 5′ 10″ and I can squeeze in! Please check your measurements! Orkney chairs from Scotland were traditionally made of pine and straw to protect their owner from the harsh North Sea winds characteristic of the area. Made with a woven straw back and pine wood frame. Originally these chairs were constructed from wood that could be sourced locally as little timber grows on the Orkney islands. Locally grown straw was used when harvested and woven into tight strands that were shaped to create the distinctive enclosed back of an Orkney chair. Using straw for the chair back meant less timber was necessary for construction while the tightness of the woven straw made an excellent draft barrier to the harsh bitterly cold winds that would frequently hit the islands. This chair is extremely sturdy with the four legs connected by horizontal stretchers and the vertical supports that frame the back that connect to the seat and the stretchers. Dimension: H 32 in. x W 20.5 in. x D 15 in. Actual seating area measurements are Depth 14 inches, width 15 inches. Seat height 13 inches.


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