A Large Surrealist Abstract – Dedic – Circa 1978

An impressive large surrealist pen and ink drawing signed Drago Dedic lower right. We have a similar work which was purchased privately at the same time, that piece is signed and dated 1978 with Paris next to the artist’s name. A large and highly decorative piece of art when each time you gaze over it will discover something new! Drago was born in 1937 in Orahovo, Montenegro (Yugoslavia). He began primary school in 1946. In the same year, his father was imprisoned for his political opinions and remained in prison for three-and-a-half years. This was a painful time for the young Dedic who left home in 1950 for Podujevo in Kosovo where he finished his secondary school studies while working to earn a living. In 1955, he went home to Montenegro and entered senior high school. Dedic had been brought-up the hard way and was now a streetwise youngster. But he was also attracted to literature and the theatre and wrote a play for which he obtained third prize in a competition. Unfortunately, during these troubled times, he once again had to leave his native land after participating in a strike with his fellow students. He went to Prizen, in Kosovo, where he began studying for his senior high school degree. In 1961, he began studying at the Faculty of Electronics in the Montenegro capital, Titograd. He was a teacher in 1963 and 1964 at the Drezga School in Piperi. He then was incorporated into the army. After his military service ended in 1965, he decided to remain in Belgrade where he studied at the School of Politics. His first child was born in Belgrade. After numerous difficulties and adventures, he travelled to France in 1967…and stayed. He worked at all kinds of jobs, but always continued to relentlessly draw and paint. His first exhibition was at the Galerie Lambert in 1973. For many years now, he has been exclusively devoted to his work as an artist. Drago Dedic is a member of the French “Maison des Artistes” since 1977 and since 1983, he is a member of the Montenegro Union of Artists.