Looking for the perfect disguise? This Wooden Wheelie Bin Cover provides the ultimate concealment, hiding a multitude of sins in a convenient and subtly designed shelter.

It’s been designed to be the perfect camouflage for your unsightly bins, offering both disguise and protection, all incased within a stylishly crafted frame.

The Wooden Wheelie Bin Cover presents a contemporary and natural solution to any unattractive sights, suitably hiding either one standard sized wheelie bin or a stack of 3 recycling bins. Constructed from stained Spruce, taken from a fully sustainable and responsible source within the EU, each Wooden Wheelie Bin Cover is hardwearing and robust, ensuring the product will be long lasting and durable, keeping your bins looking stylish and fully protected.

All of Garden Trading’s Bin Covers are completely weatherproof, providing your bins with the ultimate protection, through both the freezing cold winters and the gloriously warm summers.

With simple self-assembly required, our stylish Wooden Wheelie Bin Cover will soon be providing the perfect disguise for your wheelie bins, whether it’s proudly on show or subtly hidden, you’ll always have beautifully concealed bins.