An Art Nouveau Satinwood and Embossed Leather Three-Fold Dressing Screen

A simply stunning Art Nouveau three-fold dressing screen. The attractive satinwood frame with its arched centre panel has a wonderful color and design. The leather panels are all held firm with a screwed inner moulding. The screen is held together with beautifully designed brass hinges as the screen is extremely heavy.


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Each embossed leather panel has hand coloured iridescent stylised foliate designs in gilt with a blue/grey/green background. The applied colours are truly beautiful on the eye and must be seen to be believed. Below are parquetry panels, each with eight pointed stars enclosed within a banded circle. The piece shows its quality with all the panels being double sided and quality solid brass hinges allowing the screen to pivot both ways. Probably Austrian or German from the Jugendstil period (Art Nouveau) circa 1890-1900. Jugendstil, artistic style that arose in Germany about the mid-1890s and continued through the first decade of the 20th century, deriving its name from the Munich magazine Die Jugend (“Youth”), which featured Art Nouveau designs. The earlier designs before 1900 can be discerned by their mainly floral character, rooted in English Art Nouveau and Japanese applied arts and prints. Dimensions: H 70 in. x W 72 in. x D 3 in.

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