A Patinated Iron Art Installation Modelled as Six Dolls Heads

An interesting Art Installation modelled as six dolls heads. Crafted in iron with a patinated verdigris finish. This was sourced from a London architectural practice and has been in my personal collection for two years.

The heads are hollow probably cast I would imagine and have what looks like tea light candle holders inside. When I originally purchased the piece I was hoping to place tea lights inside so that the flame flickered and was visible through the eyes sockets, however as you can hopefully see from the rear close up photo, the eyes have some kind of bolt attachment. Maybe these are possible to remove however I used to entwine the small LED sets of fairy light around them for effect! It’s interesting that the two end heads partially obscured from view by upright bars. Not sure if these were applied at a later date or were added so that the piece could be hung and some upright display stands.

Either way, it is an interesting piece and definitely a discussion starter!

It’s extremely heavy weighing in at around 15 kilos and measuring 77cm wide by 15cm high and 16cm deep.


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